API documentation

mecca.containers.arrays @safe @nogc arrays
mecca.containers.otm_queue Lock free one-to-many queues
mecca.containers.queue FIFO queues
mecca.lib.concurrency Helpers for asynchronously executing code
mecca.lib.console Tools for manipulating the console
mecca.lib.consts Universal constants
mecca.lib.division Library for efficient integer division by a single divider
mecca.lib.exception When things go wrong....
mecca.lib.io File descriptor management
mecca.lib.iteration Library for iterating over stuff
mecca.lib.net Various networking support tools
mecca.lib.reflection Various utilities for hacking the D type system
mecca.lib.string Utility functions for handling strings
mecca.lib.time It's about time
mecca.platform.linux Linux platform specific functions
mecca.platform.x86 X86 platform specific utils
mecca.reactor.io.fd Reactor aware FD (file descriptor) operations
mecca.reactor.io.fs_watcher Platform independent file watcher Interface is expected to change in order to make it less platform specific.
mecca.reactor.io.inotify Reactor friendly interface for Linux's inotify
mecca.reactor.io.signals Manage signals as reactor callbacks
mecca.reactor.lib.ondemand_worker Run a job in a fiber, but never two simultaneously
mecca.reactor.lib.process Reactor aware process management
mecca.reactor.sync.barrier Cross fibers synchronization point
mecca.reactor.sync.event Level and edge triggers condition with multiple waiters
mecca.reactor.sync.fiber_queue Fiber queue helper for writing synchronization objects
mecca.reactor.sync.future Fiber future result execution
mecca.reactor.sync.lock Implements a reactor aware mutex
mecca.reactor.sync.queue Reactor aware queue that waits for operations to be possible
mecca.reactor.sync.semaphore Reactor aware semaphore
mecca.reactor.sync.throttler allows throttling the rate at which operations are done
mecca.reactor.sync.time_bomb Set deadline for specific code execution
mecca.reactor.sync.verbose Allows adding verbosity to sync objects
mecca.reactor.fiber_group group related fibers so they can all be killed together, if needed
mecca.reactor.fls Fiber local storage
mecca.reactor.types Type definitions for reactor related types
mecca.reactor.utils Assorted helpers
mecca.runtime.main Mecca main entrypoint
mecca.runtime.ut Mecca UT support
mecca.reactor Define the micro-threading reactor